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Tubelab SE monoblock?

Now this is a question that no one has asked yet.

You will need all of the power supply components including the filament regulator since the power supply is common to both channels. This is C1 through C7, R1 through R7, R30 and R35, D1 through D5, U1, and an octal socket.

You will need the components to populate one channel of the PC board. R8 through R18, R31 and R34, C8 through C10, Q1, U2, a 9 pin socket and a 4 pin socket.

The resistor that drops the filament voltage for the 5842's (R3) will need to be a higher value since there is only one tube (half the current) the actual resistance value depends on how much voltage vour filament winding puts out.

Depending on your choice of power transformer, R6 may need to be a higher value since there will only be one PowerDrive circuit. The negative voltage will be higher because only half of the current is being drawn leading to too much dissipation in the mosfet. This is probably not required for a 540 VCT transformer used for 45 tubes but will be needed for a 600 VCT or higher transformer used for 300B tubes.
Here’s an update for those who may be contemplating TubelabSE monoblock amp. I put two R6 in series to deal with half the power draw and increased R4 value (and wattage) to bring down B+ voltage. For some reason I didn’t have to change R3. It works with 272JX PT for 2A3 tube even though R4 gets hot. I may eventually get a smaller PT but until then, this project turned out to be a doable one.

I thank Tubelab for all the help.