Tube organ - stripping

I hope this is the correct forum for this topic...

I am getting ready to strip an old Lowery console tube organ. My primary question is what should I be looking for as far as usable parts...Transformers, caps, tubes, etc. I have popped the back off of it and the field coil speakers seem to be in pristine shape, besides the dust. As a matter of fact, the old thing was well maintained over the years. it was recently given to me by my parents...and I don't really play, plus some of the lower notes have taken on a "foghorn" sound. So, it's time for stripping and disposal.


the hole amp is good for projects. the speakers if you dont want em go for a good price on ebay.

i just picked up a amp from a old organ.

the caps and resisters may need to be replaced so there not


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Neat things to get. Does it use individual LC oscillators, or 12 main oscillators and frequency dividers for each octave? I've taken apart both; the first kind has some 54 12AU7s or 12AX7s in it (I got Conn 12AU7s), the other used 6 x 6CG7s with germanium transistor flip-flop dividers, it must've been newer.

Transformers are ALWAYS precious, save them wherever possible!