• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Tube line-buffer for cd

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Hello outthere,
I am a newbie on diy tube gear, but recently finished a push/pull diy kit using plitron output transformers and svetlana tubes (6n1p driver / kt-88 output) .

Until now it has a pot for volume adjustment (passive pre)
Because i have some parts left (elma 24 stepped att. and some 6n1p / 6922 / ecc88 tubes) a simple pre/line driver with low gain (max 4 or so) would be nice to give the amp some more juice.

Does anyone have a schematic i can use for building such a line buffer?? Preferably with low or no overall feedback at all??

Check out the schematic I posted here. (the one at the end) I haven't actually built this yet, but it is a line buffer with a gain of 2.

As shown it is balanced input, but if you ground the inverting input and make your connection to the non-inverting input it will work fine single ended.

Decreasing the value of the degeneration resistors will increase the gain.
Hello Bas Horneman.

I am new in tube design, and I like to make a line amp capable of driving the Nelson Pass's Aleph 60 i have built.
I looked at your design (6n1p pre) , but I am not sure if it is a proper line stage for the mentioned amp.

The Aleph has a 48K input impedance, and is a DC couppled MOSFET class a design.

Also if you would be so kind specifying the in/output impedance, and gain.

Hallo Miki,

Unfortunately I am an amateur and do not know how to calculate output impedance, gain etc.

What I would do is post and ask other diy'ers what they use with their Aleph 60..

What I do know is that the pre I once built..the 6n1p.. sounded quite good and is simple to make...

But how about the Bride of Zen pre amp also designed by Nelson Pass apparently it is a little beauty...
Thanks for your reply.

I heard once my Aleph with a tube preamp (a friend of mine lend to me for a few days...) and I was really impressed by the sound.

I have tried transistor/mostfet preamps, but I think that they performed worst.

And after all i'd like to see something GLOWING in my room :)))

By the way, today I started to learn tube circuit theory, and soon I will be able to calculate myself the requested values :))

Thanks again,
Hi Miki,

Take 2 ..100ohm resistors.. solder to both legs of the 6,3 supply..
the 2 resistors then are both grounded..see picture.

Or get a centre tapped transformer...3,15v - 0 - 3,15v and ground the 0 volt tap. The3,15volt taps go to the heater of the tube


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bas horneman the output impedance of the design u made is quite high common for this design
also i feel u shouldnot use both of the plates. Normally the plates are not match 100% they could be 51% left plate 49* right plate this cause imbalance

try using cathode follower output impedance is lower
i will try to get a schematic to further support this statement

What about an SRPP!

That lowers the output impedance quiet well! The only thing, I am confused with the SRPP, that I read somewhere that it is not recommended to run it as a lineamp stage (maybe the problem is with the load-dependent gain).

A question about Mr. Bas Horneman's design:
Could be done somehow to lower the otput impedance and the gain eather? (It's a little selfish "request", because I need a lower impedance and 6 - max 10 gain line stage) :)

deja vu

Am I crazy, or have we seen this entire thread repeat twice before just in the last month???!!?

"I want a simple preamp."
"Ok, how about passive?" --> "Too high output impedance."
"How about a cathode follower?" ---> "Cathode followers sound bad."
"I know, what about SRPP???!!!" ---> "Yes, that's it!"
"Look, here's 'Pat's Super Awesome SRPP Preamp'!"
"Not enough gain!"
"You don't need gain!"
etc. etc. etc.:dead:
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