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Tube Headphone Amp


2006-05-04 9:15 pm
Thanks! I'm not sure I can find the schematic but I remember it well enough off the top of my head. The transformers are two 6.3VCT 6A Hammond models, which I took apart. I stripped the bells, painted them orange, and then clearcoated. The PSU consists of one transformer feeding the three heaters, then feeding back-to-front intot the other transformer, which has a doubler on the 120V "secondary" with UF4007's and 100uF caps. There's a LC filter with 10H/550uF, which feeds the WCF B+, then stereo split RC filters for the GC stage which direct couples into the WCF. Makes more sense when drawn out but that's what it is.. All electrolytics except those in the doubler are bypassed with Solens.