TU-8600 audio chain (pre+sub)

I'm about to order a TU-8600. I've always purchased finished components, so this is my first DIY. It's also my first system with tubes.

I have multiple sources (phono, streamer, CD) and I would like the option of adding my sub. I know VK has said that this is an integrated emotion amp which is great with CD -> 8600 -> speakers, but I don't want to swap cables to swap sources and I know I'm gonna miss bass.

For sources, is an active or passive pre better? If you have an 8600 with a pre, please let me know what you are using. I'm considering Tortuga LDRx .

For my JL e112 subwoofer, I can either bridge/biwire from the amp since the JL has high-level inputs OR I can take line-level output from the preamp. Again, if you have done this with the 8600, please let me know.

For speakers, I will test with my KEF LS50s, but my plan is to order Klipsch Heresy IIIs. I'd love to try AERs, but it's not in my budget at this point.