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Elekit TU-8200 DX Headphone/Speaker Amp Review
Jtyoung replied to this thread on February 10, 10:25 am
recently received my 8200 - nice to join the club!

I opted for the Mundorf EVO Supreme silver gold coupling caps, and the AMRG components upgrade (popular upgrade in Japan I understand). All was organised (and built) by Victor - I received the amp ready to go with 4hrs on the clock. Those who know Victor Im sure will agree that he is extremely helpful in this somewhat small community of ours. Build is perfect and its a fine looking amp.

My impressions are new - only after a few hours of my listening - Ill post more as i spend more glorious time with it. Im using it with custom iems, JH Roxannes, (perhaps a bit overkill) but this wonderful amp makes these iems really come to life - id say to their maximum potential! Im not a headphone guy, prefer the iem world - triple fi's, westone 4's, westone es5, roxannes. Nor have i tested with speakers yet. My source is Calyx-M and over the years ive gone through iphones, ibasso 50 and 90 and now the wonderful calyxm. Files are mostly 16/44.1 flac, some 24/96 flac and above, and some 320 mp3's (many genres).

Ok - the sound. In a word - Stunning!! The best way i can describe it is akin to a headphone or source-device upgrade - it is simply amazing. Ive never experienced such a jump in sound with just a new amp! Many more details are revealed, fuller extension in both directions, improved layering, texture, imaging, realism, etc. Ive never heard a piano sound that good before...The details in the bass line of Daft Punks "Lose Yourself to Dance" really start to come through - closest to the way it shines when played through an AK240 player. Everything just sounds more "real", more beautiful. I was a bit on the fence before i took the plunge but i need not have worried! (This is my 2nd tube amp, the 1st being the elekit TU882). Both are great amps, but the 8200 is just amazingly better - a lot more quiet through iems - all in all, glorious. And all this with a fresh amp and fresh tubes.

I opted for JJ 12au7's, and reissued mullard el34's, and also TAD 6l6gc's. So far i think i prefer the mullards, but a bit more bass would be nice. It may come through after more time - im enjoying the tube option experimentation thing. Considering kt-66's or maybe 88's but im keen to keep the tube sound also.

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I have just finished building the 8200 with the DAC and 4 Mundorf .22uF/1200V Supreme Caps.

Is there a run in technique for this amp?

I plan to run it for a week or so during the day paying continuously, at low volume but the amp volume set about halfway, using a CD player line level as a volume. I have an old pair of EV interface speakers that have been renovated with new EV driver speakers, they have the original tweeters a passive woofers. I have set the impedance on the amp to 4 ohm. Switching between 4 and 8 does not seem to make much change that I can tell, but a review mentioned in 4 ohm the output was flatter?

Any advise would be appreciated. I have a TU 8500 that I will be hooking it up to when I finish it.

Thanks in advance!
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