TT recommendations & help

Hi all,

My old Dual 508 is now my late Dual 508. My little nephew discovered that he's strong enough to bend and snap the tonearm.

My main use of the turntable is to transfer my records onto CDs.

I've built quite a few speakers, but I don't think I really have the skill or time to build a table & arm. Any suggestions on a reasonably priced table that maybe I could tweak a little, which I do have the time & skill to do.

I have a couple of cartridges, a Shure V15III and an ADC QLM. I've always liked the Shure and know nothing about the ADC. The shure is very old (25+ years) so suggestions on a new one (under $100) is appreciated.

I'd like to spend as little as possible on a used table. Ebay has quite a few very cheap Technics tables. Are they all garbage or are there some worthwhile models. I'd go up to $200 if the table was a good value for the price. I've seen a few Thorens tables on Ebay that looked interesting.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated.