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TSSA V1.7 mosfet Current feedback amp module

Hi all.

We have had the TSSA V1.7 running for 4 month in 2 amps without any issues. So it is now ready for production.

The first module can be shipped the 25. june 2014. The first batch will be of 50 modules (25 stereo sets).

On the release date there will be made an front-end ready to use the modules in bridged configuration for users with single ended sources who wants more power. This front-end will be all discrete solution - No opamps!

TSSA V1.7 will be priced at :

1 - 3 modules 100€/module.
4 - 10 modules 90€/module.

Add shipping to this price.

Key data on the module is:

1) 2x40W into 8R in SE configuration.
2) Power supply 2x32VDC - 2x35VDC
3) can be run in class AB as well as CLASS A up to 1 - 2 amp depending on heatsink used.
4) Bandwidth of 1.3MHz.
5) Two layer board gold-plated with 70um copper.
6) 2x 250Watt mosfet
7) Ultra stable offset of +/-1mV drift without the use of Servo
8) We have added LC filter on the supply to reject ripple noise from SMPS. The LC filter reduces the cross-talk between the modules across the powersupply. Because of the integrated LC filter the amp is very forgiven on the quality of the power supply.
9) Output impedance is below 50mOhm.

The Main difference on the TSSA V1.6 and TSSA V1.7 is the more "advanced" current generators which makes it possible to raise the gain by 15 times.

For those who knows the TSSA V1.6 the upgrade will mean even more detail especially in the mids and high, better nuance in the bass region. Darker background.

Some of my danish customers says it is the best they have heard.

Better than Gamut D200I, Pass Labs XA30, Belles SA-100.


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Some of you have asked about what power supply i use:

I use Farnell multicomp mcfe500-25 for low mechanical hum together with the module shown here. Is has fast recovery diodes and 60.000uF long life low impedance capacitor from BHC aerovox. You do not get better capacitor than them (except RIFA/KEMET)

I will calculate a price for this module


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