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Hi All.

As you know i have laid out the PCB TSSA V1.5.

I will be offering this PCB in three variants:

  1. Bare PCB - €21/channel
  2. PCB with SMT assembled €39/channel
  3. PCB with all SMT assembled and all parts except heatsink - €102/channel
  4. TSSA module assembled and test on a SK56 150mm heatsink - €253/channel

If there is any interrest mail me on [email protected]


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Hi Salas and Meanman1964.

I have attached the measurement.

I will post the schematic and bom as soon as i have tested it with the renesas mosfets


  • tssa-v15-alf16only-20k-1w-8r.pdf
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  • tssa-v15-alf16only-10k-4w-8r.pdf
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  • tssa-v15-alf16only-10k-1w-8r.pdf
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  • tssa-v15-alf16only-20k-4w-8r.pdf
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To be honest, i am not satisfied with the ALF16N16W and ALF16P16W.

I have to make more measurements before i say more. But at higher level the starts to rise there vgs off region.

I have not seen it with Exicon ECX10N20 and ECX10P20.

It shows up as crossover into low loads. And when we lower the power level they cool of and the crossover disappears.

My first thought is that they cannot handle the power they are supposed to be handling. They are 250W package!!!!