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TSE Build

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I have assembled my board, and am waiting on iron from Edcor. I would like to get started on my chassis if possible, but am unsure of sizing considerations. I've built a few SS and now a Budgie amp, but never a tube amp like this one. What size should the top plate be? I ordered:

2 CXSE25-8-5K



I also have a motor run capacitor I want to use.

Any advice / thoughts on top plate would be greatly appreciated.
Actually, you can use virtually anything for a chassis. In the building of my own chassis, I did not take my own advice...Building it bigger than you think. So I'm stuck with a tight chassis...but beggars can't be choosers.
The dimensions I'd guess,,18" X 13" or so. If you go with the common top-plate, wood sides there is the skill needed to create the wood corners, how are you going to attach the wood sides/back to the top-plate???
An easy & straightforward solution is selecting "bakeware" from the local kitchen supply house. Roaming thru the Kitchen Hardware dept. of any Large Dept. store ....you will find nice appropriately sized Aluminium baking pans.....nice & shiny, more than thick enough to support any sized transformers. Rummage thru all they have in stock....flip them over & picture your transformers atop...your tube placements...is it big enough? Note the depth...can you stuff everything inside? They even have fancy handles built-in...........You can do the plate, wood sides & backs......but bakeware is supreme...it's all there & good looking to boot.
************ No assembly required !!!! ****

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There was/is a standardized width for audio gear.....the so-called "19" rack" but as of recently the 'standard' has been dropped....I have a DVD machine that is about 22"....of course a Playstation went berserk on sizes & shapes. Old VCRs shrunk or got very thin, or both. My Yamaha, Harmon Kardon, Carver combo(Tuner,pre,amp) stayed with the 19" being "serious gear" not Sears stuff. Knowing someone who does woodworking is different from this individual actually DOING the work. Remember you will be building a "Furniture grade" item.....you don't want it looking like a wood crate with some stain slapped on it.
Do you want the RCAs, Power, fusing and terminals out back? Holes have to be bored & shaped....you will be using differing hand files for this. Some individuals just run these connections up out the top-plate....usually to show-off their fancy gold plated inter-connects & banana plugs.....but the downside is routing the cables such as to not melt down touching your tubes.
Just some things to think about.

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