TS Parameters for Mark Audio Pluvia 7 or Alpair 7?


2016-02-26 6:26 pm
I'm working on a TL design that I might use for one of these two drivers:
MarkAudio Pluvia 7
MarkAudio Alpair 7P

Have any of you ever measured the TS parameters of these models? I'm not sure how much I should trust the spec sheets. Are MarkAudio specs reliable?

Are there any databases of measured TS parameters from independent sources?

Gee, Jim, wasn't the variability and lack of confident comparisons, much less reconciliation of test measures made with different equipment / under different conditions something that was discussed rather a lot here in recent memory? ;)

But seriously, the Pluvia is such a recent driver that it's unlikely to have been tested by the few folks who might also have a sufficient database, or the credibility to offer a reliable alternative to the official specs.

Another question that could posed would be- has there been enough exposure to / ownership experience satisfaction with enclosure designs modelled by builders here, or elsewhere, using Mark's numbers for the entire range of his drivers?