TS-parameter measurement setup

Have measured 4 Seas Excel W18E001 drivers using DATS V3. Get higher Fs and lower VAS than Seas spec. Have tried with drivers on table, and now vertical, on an old front baflle. Get Fs at 43-48 Hz, and VAS at 17,7-19,5 Liter.
What would be a better setup for placing the drivers for measurement?

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2012-11-26 7:40 pm
Dats v3 looks cool but i can not find any info on highest output level or output impedance, do you have these numbers?
Measured parameter values are much depended on drive level, output impedance and stimuli, if you measure with a different technic then seas then your values will differ and they can differ a lot. Brand new woofers that is not yet ”burned in” gives different values too, as temprature
Here are the Pictures, if it works this time.. :)


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2012-07-12 10:20 pm
try two thick battens either side of the driver instead of your baffle.
are you using a power amp to drive the dut?
after calibrating your setup, measure a 0.1% resistor, the value you get should be very close dead flat, as should be the phase at 0 deg.
after measuring t/s data, put the driver in a closed box and measure the t/s, it should match well with predicted values.