"True" DSD DAC Chips


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2017-06-05 10:33 am
Hokkaido(north area)
PCM179X with DSD input

I'm sure pcm1792 has a dedicated converter with 67 taps from 1bitDSM to an analog signal. I have the document about the principle of their 1bitDSM converter written in Japanese(I don't know English version exists or not). From the datasheet, AK4499 also has a shortcut to the final stage. Theoretically speaking, bypassing an internal modulator means non-multibit: 1bitDSM.
Valve DAC

Myself and another DIY Audio member are currently working on a DSD-only version of Marcel's Valve DAC.

Valve DAC from Linear Audio volume 13

Marcel was very kind in modifying his original PCB to accept a 'raw' DSD data stream. I really ought to kick myself to make some more progress with the project but I'm trying to clear a couple of other projects off my todo list first as I've been spreading my efforts to thinly.