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truck/van-load of (mainly) high-end parts and some magnepans

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Getting out of DIY, so clearing everything out. Individual pricing is just for reference, as I want to move this as a lot. Therefore, I'm offering >50% off the already 50% off prices for stuff that is either new or slightly used. You must come and retrieve this from York, PA. As I find more stuff (and there is more), adding it to the pile for no no additional fee. Everything looks in good to excellent condition and is assumed to be still working. A lot of it is brand new.

$2K in cash for everything. No haggling. To be clear, you have to take it all. Just found another 2 DCX's, one highly modified, more speaker wire from Nola and some other highend woofers not listed.


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Just a little advice - take cash for a personal collection of so many things.

PayPal will only provide seller protection for things with a postal receipt. A buyer can claim they never received anything from the seller after making a paypal payment, even if the buyer picked it all up in person. Without proof of postage, PayPal won't even consider your side of the story and will refund the buyer almost automatically.

So do be careful with items being collected in person but paid with via paypal - get cash instead when they arrive to collect.
Still looking for a buyer for the full lot, but willing to part out during the coming week since I'm near the storage unit. Willing to cut a deal if you buy a lot.

typing this up so it's searchable:
B&C 15nw76-8 (tested, new) $150ea (have 2)
Rawson F4 $450
B&C DE45 compression driver $50 ea (have 2)
B&C DE120 compression driver
Dayton DSS4 speaker Pikes $15ea (have 5)
Usher 8945A $50ea (have 2)
Usher 8948A $50ea (have 4)
Rythmik D12 servo subwoofer, tested new $150
Rythmik Ds15Tc-H servo subwoofer, tested, new $150
Rhythmik 150 servo amp $150
Tang band 1320 4" woofer... $30ea a lot of them, various faceplates
GR Research 6" woofers ($10) (have 24, purchase as lot)
Behringer DCX2496 (new) $150
heavily modified DCX 2496 $600
Dayton rs28-F $25ea
150w rawson gainclone $100
Semi-rare parts bonanza!

Just found 12 NIB (well, new in plastic) BG Neo3 PDR's

On a few of the Neo3's I've notice that what looks like some silver-colored... foil? coming off the side of some of the magnet. On the example where this is most noticeable (pictured) I took it out of the (still sealed original) plastic and hooked it up to a random XO. It played just fine at decent volume, so not sure what's up with that, but doesn't seem to affect performance.


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A bunch of people are mailing about the 8945a, so those are gone, as are the rs28, and the maggies. The f5 is pending. For those that missed out, check out the lower distortion (at least in bass) 8945P which were mounted but in good condition....


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