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Tripath Ta0103a and Ta0105a

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If I remember correctly, there are tons of these on ebay. Whether fake or not is unknown, but who would want o make a fake Tripath chip in 2020?

Not that they are bad (they are great, but with their own inherent issues), just out of favor for years.
It's only been 10 years... hahaha... Do you still have the TA0105A Chip for sale?

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Just saw your comment........from only 18 mos ago. Wanted you to know that I have THREE unused Tripath TAO103A boards. This is the original evaluation board with adjustable dead-time X's 4. They are new, sealed (except to take a photo) in their electrostatic protected envelope, etc. Life got in the way of me building out the amp project, and I need to move on! If you are interested, I would like to get $80 per board plus shipping.
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