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Tripath Eval board for trade

I have a Tripath eval board for trade, an EV-0104A, rated 500W per channel into 4 ohms, along with a Avel 1000VA toroidal transformer with dual 55V secondaries. I'd even throw in a couple of used Aero M 20000 microfarad, 90VDC/125V surge computer grade electrolytics.

This eval board was left over from a project at work that was cut short before its time :). I had hoped to make it into an amp at some point, but I have had to cut down on projects due to work and home constraints. I have never even powered the board up, but if someone is serious about it, I would be happy to do so to make sure it worked.

Here's the deal. I'm interested in building the Linkwitz Orion speaker system, and I need to start collecting drivers. I want to trade the eval board, transformer and caps for one of the following:

A pair of Seas T25CF002 tweeters


A pair of Seas W22EX001 midranges


Four Peerless 10" XLS, #830452 woofers

I'm not interested in cash at this point (although perhaps I will be if I don't get any response).

Also, I would suggest that anyone interested in the Tripath amp do their research. This board is a good place to start. Some people swear by them, and others swear at them. I'll be happy to test the board if I get a realistic offer, and guaruntee that it is not DOA, but beyond that you are on your own.