Tripath Amp

Much power, high efficency, 2 Ohm stable!

TA0104A :
with this ,I think well known, IC ( i would like to build me an amplifier.

I think now month about making an amplifier wiht this IC.
And I just have one of the IC.
But I wouldn't beginn because I think I destroy it.

Has anyone experience in building an amplifier with this IC ? or an less power type of the tripath range ?

I'm also interestet in an one layer - layout. I never have made an two layer board, I don't know how to contact the top side with the botom side.

If somebody is interestet to develop with me an good project of this Amp, I will be happy.

Greething's Andreas


2001-11-20 9:47 am

Hello, I also posted a thread about class D amplification, and tripath is using a modified class D variation, so hopefuly people will react on this interesting subject..
Even several major brands are using now the tripath modules..
I think it will be more and more used because it's saving power,run cooler and can deliver almost the same quality.

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