Tried assembling my own crossover...why didn't it work?

This was my first attempt. Its a MTM design for a center channel so I thought I'd be fairly simple after reading the tutorial on partsexpress and having the how-to off Solens website. I put everything together before soldering it just to see if it'd work, but only the tweeter worked. I couldn't get any sound from the mid/woofers. I took it all apart and started from scratch, assembling only the mid section. Still, no sound. What could POSSIBLY be the problem? I know my description is very vague, but I'm pretty sure I assembled it correctly. Is it easy to break a component in the crossover? Could I have broken something? I'm just asking you guys if you can give me a couple options to check out...what do you guys think?


2004-11-26 3:15 am
I don't think you broke anything in the crossover, it will be likely the connections.

Testing is easier with a woofer as you are less likely to damage them.
Make sure:
-There is power coming into the circuit
-You don't have some sort of short putting the amp into protect
-Test the circuit out with a multimeter making sure all the connections are there that should be and none that aren't