Trichord Clock mod fitting instructions.

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Can anyone help please ?
Some years ago (1992/93) I fitted a Trichord Research Clock mod to my Marantz CD-65se mk2 cd player. The clock mod came supplied with a full and comprehensive fitting instruction guide covering many models and makes of cd players - It told/informed you exactly which resistors and capacitors to remove before fitting the clock mod.
I wish to fit a clock mod to either a Marantz cd65se mk2 or Rotel RCD-855 cd player (both have TDA1541A dacs). Does anyone still have these original Trichord fitting instructions within their possession ? (mine have sadly gone missing).
Many thanks in advance.

I can help you with these clock connections/installation but I am just about to go out to enjoy the New Year's Eve festivities.

I will be in touch tomorrow, if no-one else has provided you with what you need for this in the meantime.

Happy New Year.



If you still need this Trichord information, you will need to provide me with your contact details somehow.
As promised, yesterday I looked out what you required but I found I couldn't mail you through this Forum as your adress is not showing.

I therefore contacted the Forum Administrator, explained the circumstances and requested that my private mail address be passed on to you, with a further request that you contact me direct.
I have heard nothing more, and due to some unfortunate and offensive experiences a while ago, I will not show my mail address publicly here.

I am happy to copy this information and let you have it privately as a 'one-off', but I am not content to show someone else's IP material on a public Forum without the owner's permission, as Trichord might take exception to this.

Is a Trichord clock/link still a good product?

Hi everybody,

I wonder if the use of a Trichord Clocks (or Tent Clocks) in the "link" mode (I mean – the using of a separate cable between CD Transport and a DAC / Wordclock In- and Outputs) can reduce Jitter if working together with an CS8414 Inpur Receiver.

Is the "Link" still a good way for Jitter reduction? I thought it is an old technology (????).

I am thinking about using the CS8414 Input receivers (instead of YM3623b). As I am not considering any Upsampling, I am not thinking of the modren CS8420.

But, will a CS8414 at all benefit from the above mentioned “Link”? Or may be, it is already a good receiver - with low Jitter anyhow?

I would be grateful for any advise. Many thanks in advance!
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