trends audio TA 10.1 audiomagus mod or Kingrex T20 Tripath amp


2008-04-05 10:06 pm
I want to buy a small T-amp for computer use. I already have a DAC.

Right now I am thinking about trends audio TA 10.1 audiomagus value mod or Kingrex T20 Tripath amp. They are priced the same, $250. I heard that Kingrex T20 is better than the original trends, but how does it compare to the value mod by audiomagus. Also, do I really need a PSU for Kingrex? That will increase the overall cost. I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks

I see you have narrowed your choices some. The TA-10.1 is more moderately powered than the
Kingrex. Take a look at these Tripath Reviews and hopefully, this may help you to narrow your search even more. You may want to communicate with Michael Mardis directly. He is the designer of the Audiomagus TA-10.1 mods. and an overall expert on Tripath based amps.

Mardis Website
Well, you can get a stock Trends TA 10.1 and mod it later.

I've had my TA 10.1 for over a year, and I just bypassed the pot (i've got a pass labs b1 buffer in front of it now) and replaced the input caps with auri caps.

You can replace input rca jacks and speaker binding posts, replace the power supply caps, etc...

I think the best results would be running it with a good linear supply or even a 12v battery.


2007-07-05 1:46 pm
Thanks for the help chaps. Perhaps I should have been a bit more concise... When I had the TA10.1 I fitted all of the mods in the audiomagus kit 2, as well as trying a quality SLA. The mods brought about quite a big change, the SLA less so IMO. I was thinking about an amp with a similar character with maybe a little more get up and go if you see what I mean?

I have had a look at Kingrex in the past, not sure that would be a worthwhile change, though obviously I may be mistaken. I will read the mentioned article (thanks) and have a think. Keep the advice coming, it is all much appreciated!