Transmission Line

I saw this on FB.

"Work in progress …. Alpair 10.3 gold transmission line fully inspired from Jordan TLA design

First driver in full range mode

Second driver ( bottom ) filtered around 250 Hz with second order crossover

Plenty of dynamics , full bass response ( not yet measured )

My current speakers : magnepan MG12qr with custom made feets and external crossover"

Is it possible to do this with all drivers? Maybe Alpair 11MS?


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I would rather use a real woofer below 250Hz like i do with my waw than a fullrange driver. This here is limited by the specs of a fullrange driver, that is always less powerfull than a similar size woofer or subwoofer. But it can work for sure. Just make sure you model the TL for 2 drivers, not for one (or the pipe will be tuned higher than wanted).
Hmm, as my new 10.3 are being slowly run-in I wonder if the FB diyer tamed the 7-14khz octave-wide 12dB-summit Himalayas range. After trying a dozen variations I'm heavy-notch-filtering at 10khz center (0.36mH || 3ohm->0.68uF), leaving just 2-3dB peaking out over 7.8-8.2khz. Plenty bass with just a passive radiator for now. Head-scratching because 10.3 not resolving detailed textures, yet.

... Especially compared to my $100 find-and-rescue 8" antique radio mid-low/mid-high mono pair, the high unit shelf-filtered (1.5mH || 9ohm) by me to yield a stereo pair with fidelity and realism to kill for (other than bandwidth extremes). Listening right now can't stop.
The 10.3 Fo 38hz 160mm faceplate. Can't think of another 6" face driver with such bass (6.5" yes, not common). Seems just side-firing the lower units would reduce the low-pass complexity.

Last year I tried this trick using six of the same German DEW Loewe 6x10 oval drivers open-baffle. Solved the baffle-step but not bass.
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