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For Sale Transistors

Things you have for sale.
All parts are NOS and genuine. PayPal. Shipping - First Class package with tracking /
delivery confirmation. Here the list of countries with International delivery tracking
service (excluding unfriendly countries):
Postage to:
USA - 6$

Canada - 17US$
Europe - 18...19US$
All parts are stored in conductive foam. LIST IS CURRENT.

2SK270A -BL, -12, $10/ea, better than 2SK270=2SK389
2SK332 -E, -12, $8/ea, (2SK222-E×2, LN, Sanyo) -better replacement for 2SK117•K184•K163
uPA63H -L2, -12, $6/ea

UP07 -C, -22, $3/ea, TO-126-insulated, 100V, several W power, (4-12mA)
UN07 -D, -14, $4/ea, TO-126-insul, 100V, (8-24mA)
2SJ32 -B, -8, $3/ea, TO-39, 150V, (5-10mA)
2SK121 -"2", -6, $2.50/ea, (2.7-5.5mA), Sony, update for 2SK43
2SK163 -K2, -6, $3/ea, (3.5-6mA)
2SK163 -M1, -5, $3/ea
2SK170 -BL, -2, $4/ea
2SK223 -E, -12, $2.50/ea, 80V
2SK364 -GR, -8, + 2SJ104 -GR, -7, $2/ea
2SK369 -GR, -6, $5/ea
J177, Siliconix, -30+, $1/ea

Small capacitance MOSFET -$4/ea:
2SK511 -6, TO-126, Vgs on these 4V+
VN88AFD -8, TO-220, Vgs on these 2V+
2SJ77 -18, TO-220

TO-126, $2/ea
2SA1248 -S, -5
2SC2682 -Q, -4
2SC2911 -R, -10
2SC3808, -8, Super-beta (800 - 3200)

TO-92L -$2/ea:
2SA1208 -S, -10 + 2SC2910 -S, -2
2SA1208 -T, -3
2SA1370 -E, -12
2SA1460 -L, -10 + 2SC3733 -L, -10
2SB605 -K, -6
2SB716 -E, -2 + 2SD756 -D, -2
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Your post #4 is all I see -no PM. Is it because you have only 2 posts -maybe moderation?
If this is the case, then you, or me, should contact the mods to allow you to see PM
(from me, in this case).
Keep me informed.
I am offering uPA68HA -L, (5-10 mA Idss), which is fully equivalent / replacement for
K150 -GR, BL, and M47F -A, B, C -when graded, dual JFET.
6pc×$8 =$48
postage +$5 =$53 -for USA, where are you actually?
Paypal fees +~$2 (it depends) =$55 -US dollars
If this will help you, I can go with $54.
See PM for my PP account.
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Thank you for getting back in touch I'm located in PA
My full address is [Redacted by moderation]

Would you please give me a day to get my act together in terms of getting you your funds?
[Redacted by moderation]

Best regards

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Hi, John,
If you have issues with today date for transaction, then you will have to spend extra $5
to post 1 chip, which will make it disproportionately expensive for you, or someone else,
to buy. Besides, most people, usually, will want at least 2, or 3.
Maybe you can wait until 9/26 -Monday to do it in one transaction?
If you have scheduling issues, I can absorb that PP fee ($2) to send them all on 9/19 -Mon.
Or you can buy 3 or 4 on Monday, and the rest later.