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Transistors replacement for Sansui 9090db


diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2003-01-18 9:50 am
There must be many replacements if you can get them.
These amps are getting old and transistors scarce.
Here are the basic specs with possible substitutes:
2SB554: HiFi-NF-E, 180V, 15A, 150W, 6MHz
Subs.: 2SA908..09, 2SA1116..17, 2SA1147

2SA899: Vid-L, 150/150V, 0,05A, 100MHz
Subs.: BF 470, BF 472, BF 416, BF 418

2SA733: Uni, 60V, 0,1A, 0,25W, 180MHz
Subs.: BC 212, BC 257, BC 307, BC 557

2SC1400: Uni,ra, 100V, 0,05A, 0,25W, 100MHz
Subs.: 2SC1890A, 2SC2363, 2SC3245, 2SD756(A)

2SC945: Uni, 60V, 0,1A, 0,25W, 250MHz
Subs.: BC 174, BC 182, BC 190, BC 546, 2SD767

/Hugo :)