transformers in box with ?Japanese? label

The first label identifies from the top:
Customer: Gi Ken (company name; probably a manufacturer or research firm. The characters would be a short way of writing "Technology Reasearch")
Date sent: May 28, 1962?
Part Number: 040-1021-05
Number of Parts: 12
Company Name: Nihon Trans Electronics K. K.

The second label, from right to left:
Customer Address: Sawara City *&@^%$ (the only Sawara-Shi in Japan seems to be located in Chiba prefecture which is located just east of Tokyo)
Customer Name: Meguro Gi Ken &%$# (the only Meguro Gi Ken I found on was located in Nagano prefecture, which is waay up north of Chiba)
Company Name and Address: Nihon Trans Electronics K. K. (Head Office located in Tokyo, with factories in Yokohama and Gunnma prefectures)
At the bottom: Number of boxes: 9
Doh! Been in Canada too long. The year in Japan is expressed in the number of years since a given emperor started his reign. We are now in the reign of the Heisei (peaceful) Emperor, forget which year exactly. 62 would have to be the 62nd year of the Showa Era, which translates to 1987.
Thank you

Domo, arrigato, etc.

That's about the end of my vocabulary and I can't read. At least I recognized the characters correctly.

I guess it was wishful thinking what product they were for. The transformers are marked with voltages & current ratings but I still wondered what for.