Transformer wiring


2012-01-22 5:57 pm
Hi i was going to reuse a transfomer out of a broken amp for my first gainclone build and i just needed help wiring the transfomer to the mains i have attached the picture i live in the uk so we have 230v i just needed to know what wires connect to the main

am i right in saying that i need to use the brown 230v and blue 0v cable when i connect it to my mains what do i do with the black do i just tape it off uncontected to anything


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............. i live in the uk so we have 230v ............
You have a harmonised mains supply that is nominally 230Vac, but that can vary from 216Vac to 253Vac.

Your normal mains voltage is likely to be between 240Vac and 245Vac with the higher end during the later evenings when you may do a lot of your listening.
Don't connect anything to black, and ensure that nothing can accidentally touch it.
Very important ! The black is connected direct to mains even though the voltage will usually be 120Vac.