Transformer tape


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2002-12-22 2:13 am
Calgary, Alberta
Re: transformer tape

amp builder jb said:
use the good old masking tape. its cheap, tough, and water proof, and you can get tension on it

What are you Brits using for masking tape? I can assure you that what we use on this side of the pond for painter's masking tape is not tough, not waterproof, does not hold tension well. And it has no business in electrical service, who even knows what temperature or voltage rating it would have!


diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2002-10-24 10:19 pm
Kapton can work very well, it has a great temperature rating, but it does have a tendency to tear VERY easily if nicked even slightly (plastics guys say "tear propagation"). So use it carefully. Mylar tapes should work just fine since the temps inside a transformer just aren't terribly high compared to Mylar's softening point. Mylar does not have the tear propagation issues of Kapton.