Transformer selection for DIY Electrostatics

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I have built a pair of electrostatics using Roger Sanders' book as a guide. Now, I am in need of a pair of audio transformers to help drive the beauties. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas about the following transformer from

Part Number : P-T1609
36.71 EA
Enclosed (shielded), 4 slot, above chassis type "X" mounting. Frequency response 30 Hz to 30 kHz at full rated power (+/-1 db max. ref. 1 kHz) minimum. Secondary impedance of 4/8/16 ohms. Flexible 8" leads.
Watts: 10
Primary Impedance: 10,000 CT
Mounting centers: 1.69" x 2", Vertical mount
Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Suggested tube types: 6AQ5, 6V6, 6BQ5, EL84

I am already using a pair of Barry Waldron's ESL transformers (, but I haven't been able (after months of trying) to get in touch with him to buy any more. These next pair of transformers are for the second pair of Electrostatics. I am willing to make some comprimises if I can save some hard earned dollars. I don't need much volume and my ear is not very discriminating. Do you think that the preceding transformer will be able to deliver?
Other suggestions will be entertained.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Thanks Bob and Jam,

I am mostly looking for something that will meet my extremely tight student budget. I am running the ESLs off of a relatively cheap store-bought (gasp!) amplifier. I will be able to replace the weak links in my system as I get the money and building experience. So, temporarily I don't mind using the sub-standard equipment that I am living with right now. If nobody has any reasons why the P-T1609 will not function well as a step up transformer for an ESL, then I am prepared to buy and test a pair, while prepared to take advantage of the 10 day money back guarantee. If anyone wants to talk me out of it, or save me some time, please feel free.
To anyone that cares:

The P-T1609's that I bought from the work well as step up transformers for my ESLs.
So, if anyone is having trouble reaching Barry Waldron (like I have had), or want to save a couple of bucks, the P-T1609's are a viable option.
I'm not about to make the claim that I can hear the difference between these and Barry's transformers, though. You'll have to compare them for yourself.

Hey, good info.

I'd really like to build a set of ESL's and the transformer is one of those things I know I'll need, so I'm glad to see you had good experience with this transformer.

How much wattage are you putting into the speakers though? Is 10w enough, or would this be measuered differently?
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