Transformer in analoge stage in DAC (cs43122)


2001-03-06 3:07 pm
Im currently (trying) to make a new (it is not my first)dac. it is loosely based on dac 4 ( and i have come up with a few problem.

1) I have recently read some articles about using a trafo as a passive analog stage in dac i know it will result in a rather high output impedance but my preamp is tube based and has a high imput impedance and a lot of gain....anyway im going to test it. But im at a lost in choosing a suitable transformer and connect it properly...LL1527XL was used by andrea cuiffione with the cs4390 dac i got the cs43122 im not sure they have the same output capabilites?...

2, im using a SRC capabel chip cs8420 and im giving it a new clock signal but im not sure how sensive the clock signal is?...on the original dac it is rather far away from the chip and is pretty close to the power lines they are DC but anyway?...


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