Transformer coupling and output for SS

Don't laugh but Susan's unique amplifier got me to thinking about transformer coupling and output transformers for SE Class A transistor amplifiers. I have searched the web diligently for information on the use of transformers in SS amps and have come up empty.

Can anyone point me to some resources on the topic? I am especially interested in apropriate insterstage (stup up) and output transformers. It seems that the inductance requirements for good frequency performance would be different in SS circuits v.s. tube circuits.


I'd go to that thread, "Zero Feedback Impedance Amplifiers" and check through the posts. There are links to the specifics of the transformer design.

Secondly, the criterion for impedance is for the coils to have the same inductive reactance as the load resistance which they're to match at the lowest frequency. Hence, the old VT "rule of thumb" that calls for 8H per 1000 ohms: X(L)= 2pi * 20 * 8= 1000 ohms @ 20Hz.