Transferring Speakers To A Smaller Box

I've bought a set of speakers but there was only one cabinet - external dimensions 67.5 x 40 x 30 cm. The missing cabinet was water damaged so the seller pulled all the speakers and crossover out of that and just gave me the speakers. Now I've purchased a couple of empty cabinets - external dimensions 62 x 38 x 28.5 cm. If I drop the speakers mentioned above in one of these cabinets what sort of sound would I get compared to the original cabinet, ie the bigger one?

Now I realize the proper answer is to do it and listen to it and probably measure it. But I'm looking for general broad statements eg, "smaller box implies bigger bass and smaller treble or you probably wouldn't notice the difference" so I've got some idea of what to expect.
It's a 20+ % reduction, so assuming these have no vents [sealed], then [mid] bass will be somewhat more pronounced [under-damped], maybe even 'boomy', but EQ, extra stuffing or making the cab a little 'leaky' solves the problem at the expense of some loss of low bass. Then again, sealed cabs are very forgiving plus combined with room acoustics, etc., it may sound great in your app.