Trans Lam Accuton

A little forth coming but the design and complete.
A lot went into these design Ask John from Bent Audio.
But a lot of work to get them to this point.
Once they arrived from the CNC shop these were loaded and I mean loaded with some spots up to 1/2" thick of glue !!As well the panels did not all line up correctly so can you say belt sander with 40g.To remove material.

Calling them a TRANS LAM
These will house a new Accuton T60434b and tweeter

Once they are sit up straight not like the photos on the bench these will be sweet.

Once we get them assembled complete with the drivers i will post a update for you all.



I kinda wondered that too - and they are my cabinets! They will use the new C90 driver and a yet to be determined tweeter - the odd shape is to allow tweet modules to be plunked on top for tweet testing. TAD 1601C's on the bottom (I have had them around for many years. They are really just a test setup to play with drivers and an excuse to try some cab construction tests. The pics make little sense I know - I'll post a pic when they are all set-up in the shop here.


Thanks John.
to let you all know yesterday we measured these with the driver in place and I was stunned at the measurments with and without the side wings!
As weel making the baffle longer under the driver opening end last John put a box up above the driver of were the tweeter will sit( on the shelf area).
We re measured and waht a difference they make.
I really think John is on to something with this baffle shape.

So I am off to build a similar cabinet side shape for the new CSS FR125 which yes is now here.The first batch arrived yesterday and I want to do a similar shape to these cabinets for the new FR driver.

As well when time permits I think John and I can get them measured again with and without all the wings as well as the complete design (pending tweeter selection).

I just wanted to post the pictures as this is really something you do not see very often.

By the way the driver mounts with a stack of Stainless plates.
With the driver in place yesterday I will say they looked stunning:D