Gloria Squitiro, wife of recently elected Kansas City, Mo., Mayor Mark Funkhouser ,
talking about the election last May, her role as his campaign manager,
how difficult it was being mayor and so on.

Then: "Believe it or not, but winning the election wasn't the best thing that happened to Funk" (as she calls him),
Squitiro wrote on Dec. 21. "No, getting his first prostate exam . . . was the highlight of his year.
And watching Funk get the exam was the biggest joy of mine."


how weird is this?
I don't think it was that weird. I think she's got sense of humour.

Twisted like mine, maybe, but existent nonetheless.

But twisted is a relative term.

For example, I've had those exams before. I imagine the look on my face is not of it's normal nature either.

If you've ever been on a farm, you can see the look on the face of a cow change when the 'doc has his arm, right up to the shoulder... up it's uhm....'nether regions'. It's almost impossible not to laugh - as you know you'd have the same look on your face, if it was being done to you.

OTOH..we are talking about Kansas City. And even way up here in Canada..I know that..Kansans bit different.