Trafo to buy for PWM amp

I have plans about building the evaluation kit
how big does it have to be 800w ?
are they(stereo) running parallel on the +-58v supply
does anyone know off a good place to buy trafo
(europe/denmark) if the transportation would be a problem.
some body taked about a company from canada.
Im planning to buy 50 trafo's so im looking for at good price.

any advice is welcome jc. dk.

why dont you ask lcaudio??

as previously said we have lots of transformers and may have some to suit your need too , i suggest that you buy one amp and test it before you buy 50 transformers for them.

and you may as well check other options for the amps (arent they like $320 for 2 small boards as a special half-price offer???)

if you order (and get) the amps we would be interested in a comparison test with our boards and icepower boards, would you?

bye k madsen - cad audio dk

hint ; check


2001-02-12 3:35 pm
I am sorry I didn’t check the link you provided before I posted my previous message. I see you have updated your web pages and added the prices. Thank you.
But please can you tell what is the most convenient way to contact you further and order the boards.

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>But please can you tell what is the most convenient way to contact you further and order the boards. >

i suggest email , phone or fax :)

posting a msg. on a msg-board like here would be less efficient but of course it could work......

as you say we have updated a bit with sample prices , we will have a doc of the boards and a complete price list soon (i hope)

k madsen -

ps. i did send you an email some days ago......
hi partyjups

Don't know if you already know this, but mentions a size of 30-60 VDC/400 VA per channel which sounds reasonably. I mailed to LC some time ago and he said that the offer expired around mid-december, so you might have to hurry if you want the kit at the special price.

If you want trafos, check out I scanned their website some time ago and it looked pretty cheap. Haven't checked if they shipped to Denmark, but i think they do. (If you find out, could you please mail me. They have some cheap heatsinks that looks good for my class-a project :)

If you want 50 trafos, check if RS-coponents or farnell can get you a fair deal. Normal prices are high, but sometimes their volume-discounts make it look more sensible.

Hope this helps!
Uffe (også fra Danmark :)
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my best guess is that the price of the lc amplifier will go down and not up as more solutions come out.

for 50 transformers i think you can find a better offer than any from rs or farnell :)

again i suggest that you test the amplifier before you order the transformers.

about heatsinks for class-a feel free to contact me uffe , we have quite a few in (over) stock.

k madsen -

ps. have you heard of anybody ordering or buying the lc amp?

we will conduct a series of demos/listening tests with class-d/pwm amplifiers , it would be interesting to see (hear) how they perform....