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Trade or F/S: Sonic Frontiers, Scott, Fisher, Grommes, Tube Amps and Tuners

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Time to pare down the stash of restoration and fixit projects I'll probably never get to...

A reality check and re-familiarization with my own expected best-before date compels me to shed a few items that may or may not be of interest to diyAudio-ers here.

I am more interested in compelling trades then cash, or a combination thereof.

Sonic Frontiers SFC-1 Integrated Tube Amplifier
(This one was working fine until...see thread here http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/tube...-sonic-frontiers-sfc-1-control-amplifier.html)
I pulled the old caps but never got around to installing the new ones, which I will include) Cosmetically this behemoth is in nice shape 7/10 Comes with full tube complement
For info and specs see: http://archive.anthemav.com/oldsitev1/pdf/sfc1.pdf
I'll post pics tomorrow when I take some fresh pics with the hood off.

Scott 222d integrated tube amplifier with manual/schematics. No tubes with this one but I seem to recall this one kept popping the 3A fuse....Never did get around to looking at this one. 7/10 cosmetic condition.

Fisher Series 90 FM Mono Tuner..works great. Comes with with full tube complement. 7/10 cosmetics.

Pair of Grommes 10PG Mono-Amps with full tube complement and schematics. Nice cosmetic condition and both functioning just fine.
8/10 cosmetics.

I'll post complete pics of these items tomorrow.

What I am looking for in terms of trades either full or partial are:

A fully operational and complete Rega/Moth or similar tonearm for an Empire 298 project turntable I have waiting in the wings...

A decent turntable ready to plug and play ie: Rega, Ariston, Thorens, Lenco etc.

Tubes...NOS 12AX7 (and variants) 12AT7s (and variants) 12AY7 (variants), UX 227, 27s UX226, 26s, 5AR4s, 6l6s and variants, EL34s (variants) 6SC7s, 6SL7s.

A good mutual conductance tube tester

Quality soldering station

In terms of putting a straight out cash value on any of these items you can always make an offer via pm to me. If it's of any help at all I don't subscribe to the ridiculous valuations found on e-pray, audio-gone or any of the other sites where such deranged raptors dwell.

I guess if nothing happens here I'll reluctantly go that route...just a lot more fun and a lot more satisfying to me to deal with folks here...

And just so we're all on the same page here...first come first served...I'll answer all messages, offers, etc in the order they are received. Once and if, I have an offer on an item...I'll post a "Sold Pending" tag on the particular item and remove that tag if the deal falls through. Don't want any hard feelings or scrapping to break out.

And yes, I'll post pics tomorrow....when I get some new batteries for my camera....:ashamed:
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Hi Len,

I have a spare soldering station (Hakko 929, iirc) with several tips that I need to get rid of.
(and some more 12AT7's, I think). Come to think of it....maybe a Technics SL-1100A turntable (needs recapping and a wee bit of TLC)

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Pics of the items I have up for Trade/Swap/Sale

First Up: Sonic Frontiers SFC 1
(Note EL34s not pictured are a quad of Sovteks)


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PICS OF HH SCOTT 222B Integrated Amplifier

Pics of Scott 222B Integrated Amplifier (NOTE this is a 222B)


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PICS OF GROMMES 10PG Mono Integrated Tube Amps

Pics of Grommes Model 10PGs (Pair)

I am pretty sure I have the Sams for these as well.


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PICS OF HH SCOTT 320 FM Tube Tuner

Also discovered a HH SCOTT 320 Tube Tuner with Sams and full tube complement. Works fine including tuning eye...missing knobs though and has a dog ear...:(


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