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Trade: I need LM3886 PCBs, I'll trade whatever component parts you think are equal

Hey Guys

I need two LM3886 PCBs, I don't really care what brand they are.

I have a pretty good parts bin, so just pick one or two of whatever you think is a fair trade.

- Good quality Nichicon MUSE, BP caps large and small
- Some OS-CONs
- Various MKPs, Wima, solen, dayton
- High Quality LME and OPA op-amps.
- TI 300w+ digital amp chips, mono and stereo, and the PWM front-ends
- TI and AD DAC chips, best models
- TI 6120a hifi headphone amp chips
- ALPS Blue stereo balance pot

I'll pay for shipping to you and you'll pay for shipping to me to keep it easy.


Hi Grip,
I found the board. It's the chimamp.com all-in-one 3886 board. By that I mean it is two amp boards and two psu boards on one pcb. The board is scored so that the amp and psu sections can be easily separated. It is red in color with plated through holes.

If you are still interested, let me know what cap values you have. That is probably what I am most interested in swapping.