TPA3123 "componentless" board

While ordering a sample from Texas Instruments (PGA2310) I noticed a link to the TPA3123 page so after having a glance at the datasheet I decided to order also 3 samples of it to "play" with class-D amp.
Some time later I realized that its package is a HTSSOP24 and for an hobbyst like me who makes PCBs using the "Press & Peel sheet" method, it's probably very difficult to print such SMD footprint.
Anyway, I can solder it since at work I have an hot air solder station.

Does somebody here know where to buy (if available) "bare" board for that IC?
I only found already assembled board.
Thank you, best regards.

You can easily print out with a resolution capable of handling 0.5 pitch parts as I do regularly. The hard part is coming up with a repeatable and consistant method to transfer this to the PCB. I use the photo resist method with print outs done by a laser printer onto standard transparencies. I have a wiki entry on DIYaudio detailing how you can go about this.
Thanks all for the replies.
I've read the TPA3118 thread and found the link to an adapter TSSOP24 pin to DIP, I think I will go that way...for less than 20 Euros (shipping included) I could buy 3 adapters.
A question: if I mount the TPA on the adatper, all the components are on the "main" board (standard component, not SMD) so the decoupling cap (100 nF) won't be close to the IC as suggested on the datasheet.
May this cause some problems?