TPA3118 pcb plan for lipo integration


2019-09-29 1:06 pm
Hello all!

Not a pro - fair warning. I'm going to try and bludgeon my way through Eagle CAD to a custom PCB. Does anyone know of a secret stash of building blocks anywhere? Specifically for the cheap, ubiquitous TPA3118 PTBL mono board?

Why so lame? Because it's proven to work. I've been selling (at a hair above cost) a type of headphone amplifier using these cheap PCBs and a 9V battery.

The market is small, but I'd like to improve the build quality and reliability of my product. Integrating a Lipo battery would be nice. Having all the jacks, switches, and mounting points on a single PCB would be better. What a difference in reliability and soldering time it would be!