TPA3116 vvs TPA3255 bass performance

I am running my 2x 4 ohm TL subwoofer with a two TPA3116, 2 channel amp on a 24volt 10 A power supply. Would a TPA3255 amp (Aiyima 07) with a 48v 10 A PS give any improvement in bass, like more tight, more control ect. ? any thoughts on the subject?
AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 Review.jpg
I replaced the tiny TPA3116 board with a second Aiyima 07 TPA 3255 with 48V 10A PS running at 40 V. The result is a far more controled and deeper bass and a lot more power. Because i use a TL line with 4x 6.5 inch bass drivers with a soft suspencion, the drivers are dependent on the amp to controle them . Result is a very clean, smooth, defined and deep bass. Just as i wanted ;-)