TPA3110 design issues

Edit: The issue is solved by replacing R7 with 10ohms

Hi there, I am currently designing a class D amplifier board. My ordered PCB has finally arrived, it took me a while to solder the rest of the tht components. After connecting the audio source and the speakers, no sound is produced.

The schematics of my design is attached to this thread. The board features with TPA3110, which is the amp itself, two preamplifiers for left and right channels, and a DC 5V external output. The pre-amps and the external output both powered by 16V from a DC-DC boost converter.

I wonder if what's going on and what am I missing. It would be wonderful if you could help me~ Thanks.
SCH_Amp V1_2023-06-02_page-0001.jpg


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Nice schematic by the way.

Is that kicad? Did you change the default font size? You have more components than i can fit on a sheet. I prefer it the way I see in yours
For the schematic, i used Kicad on most passive components. Then i realised I am going to order from jlcpcb anyway, so i switched to easy eda

It's just too convenient that they have a component library that u can use simply by a click
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