TPA3110 based, all in one system


2010-03-23 9:37 am
Hello all. I've finished my little project and thought I should share a few photos.
Main goal was to reuse as many parts as possible to create a small, simple mini system for a summer house.
I tried to incorporate under the same roof:
a TPA3110 amp
a DVD-ROM drive (already installed an extra button for "play")
a FM MP3 module
powered by a leftover PC Power Supply (12V the amp, 12V and 5V the DVDROM and 5V the fm module).
All these in a salvaged Pioneer CDR case.
In the end, all I had to buy was the SURE 3110, the fm module, a pot and the speaker terminals.
Total cost: less than 25euros
I still have to complete the faceplate, but it's fully functional.

About the sound quality...
The RCA input is, obviously, the best source. The sound is excellent for the cost (10euro amp!!!!!!), not very loud, but enjoyable for a small living room or a veranda.
The DVD rom is not HI-FI quality. The sound is lifeless but not annoying. I know that using the analog output of a DVD is a NO-NO, but for playing my kid's music CD's for 15 days every year at a cost of... nothing, is truly AMAZING!
The FM module is just ok with MP3's. I haven't tried the SD input yet, just the USB.
The sound was lifeless like the DVD but the source material wasn't very good either. Just 192k. Perhaps I should give it another chance.
The main problem is with the FM reception. I can barely lock 3 stations in audible quality and the antenna is far from helpful. Any suggestions here?
I also have a question about the DVD case. Should I ground it, or leave it?

In the end, it was cheap and educational FUN!!! :)


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