tough living room speakers: DIY or Tannoy/Funktion One!?

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I am updating my living room speaker setup and think about some speakers that can do it all in a compact size (no floor standers): hifi/studio listening but also good for a small party or a session with the band..

For some time now I fancy the Tannoy stuff because of its coherent sound field and ability to play nicely when going loud. The VX8.2 would be ideal concerning size and low end (80Hz). Decent subs will go with those. Problem is: I heard the VX12 which I liked but the 8.2 is not available but new from the vendor. No used stuff and no auditioning..

Also I discovered the Funktion One F101 which is supposed to be good. 10" bass with interesting waveguide tweeter and sensitivity of 101dB (I don´t really believe it). The cabinet shall not be any wider than this (30cm). I will test them soon.

Also a friend told me about Limmer Speaker Kits. Classical 8"/1" construction but is supposed to be high res and I might get the opportunity to listen to those.

So- do you have anymore ideas? I would also be happy to build some speakers myself .. there are so many kits available (PA ones or home speakers with high efficiency) but I have no insider infos which ones are really good value and allow critical music listening..

Function One are very goodd speakers for what they are intended (dj setups). For living room user, they are not detailed enough for me, but i know people who use them and are happy with them. As DJ system for bars, clubs and festivals they are among the best (if not the best) arround.

Best is to go listen to them with an hifi amp (does not have to be fancy expensive) and see if you like their sound. What i can assure you is that they are very solid build and close to specs. This is not the expensive hifi hype sound, but the real world specs of the P.A. world. And they definitly need a sub that can go to 100Hz.
yes i did, in a bar setting and in a office setting. I did work for the company that is the importer in Belgium ( before my back killed that carreer and i became an ICT guy. But i'm still friends of the owner and heared most of their systems.

The F101 is not a horn system, but is not really intented to use as hifi setup, it's more intended for small bars and pubs. And it does sound good, but not as good as much cheaper hifi equipment.

But if you like it, it can be a good choice. That's why i suggest to listen first before you decide to buy it.
hmm, interesting to hear and sorry about your back..

Do you think the F81 would be much different? The guy from German distribution said the 8" woofer would be kind of stiffer and more suitable for voices.. the 10 incher more being an allrounder.

Do you have any idea about the Tannoys? The VX8.2 are also not cheap (ca. 700€ net./piece) but I´d expect some crystal clear vibrations and imaging from those..
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