Touchscreen Jukebox PC

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There are a million ways to do this and here's one I just completed. The trickiest part was the power supply integration. I'm no audiophile, I just love music ;), and this thing sounds great. I've tested it with some good borrowed monitors, and now I can't go back to my old set, so I am saving up for post-Christmas speaker sales.

Class D Audio SDS-224 amp
Intel D510 Atom MB
Connex Electronics SMPS500R psu for amp
Winmate DD-24AX psu for pc
Liteon 120 watt brick (de-cased & embedded)
Headphonia USB DAC cable
CD-DVD burner
1 TB 3.5" HDD
Silverstone Grandia GD04 Chassis
8" eGalax Touchscreen
Backplate from old ATX psu
shielded power cable, fan resisitors, connectors
Windows 7, Silverjuke software

The Grandia was a perfect case, and the only mods were tapping/drilling the bottom for mounting offsets. I used resistors to slow the three 12cm fans to 7 volts. I Velcro-mounted the touchscreen to the top and ran the video, usb control and 12v power cables to the rear of the case. The Winmate pc psu powers the screen with auxilary 12v connector, so the juke box is self-contained except for speakers.

For those not familiar with the Winmate, it's a small PCB-based unit with all the PC connectors that is driven with a power 19V brick. I de-cased a Liteon brick and mounted it and the Winmate where the ATX psu would normally sit. I removed the backplate from a retired Thermaltake psu and used the filtered AC connector and external power cord to supply the brick and the SMPS500R using a shielded (and too $$) power cable. the SMPS is placed in the front of the case.

Also in the front is SDS-224 Class D amp. Input for the amp is from a Wolfson DAC cable (the DAC itself is heat shrinked inline) from the motherboard USB connector to the SDS-224 analog inputs. The amp uses 2 pots for left/right volume control, and these are also mounted in an expansion slot cover. I don't need to use these once set for speaker tolerance, instead I use volume control (and equalizer) in the software.

I mounted 4 nice banana plug speaker connectors in 2 of the expansion slot plates. In the Grandia, the optical and hdd drives are mounted on top of all the boards. I did what I could to organize the cable mess, but once I switched to the DAC for amp input, I can hear no EMI whatsoever. Before then, I used the MB analog output and EMI was a problem.

I will post pictures later, but the cables obscure a lot.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.