Total newb

Hi all, I’m a complete newbie, with zero electronics knowledge, but have always enjoyed music & HIFi, although very much at a entry-level price point.

I have some knowledge of IT & tech and have recently ripped all my CD’s to FLAC, with the aim of building a Raspberry Pi streamer & DAC to replace my ageing (but still great sounding) Arcam CD192.

At this point I’ve never even used a soldering iron and I’m still not sure of the difference between volts & amps, so I suspect there’s a bit of a learning curve ahead!


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2007-09-15 8:14 am
Welcome to diyAudio :)

There should be lots of stuff on-line that can help you get started, and if you have any specific questions you can of course ask here.

Think of volts as 'pressure' and current as 'quantity'. A car battery has low pressure (voltage) but can deliver lots of quantity behind that voltage (current).

A static shock of electricity such as walking on a nylon carpet has loads of pressure (voltage) but no quantity (current) behind it.