Total beginers q about making leads.

Hello First poper post ! Just to say that i have never made a lead up before and do feel free to patronize me by making explaining things as you would to a dog.

I am looking to make leads going form my Mackie8buss desk (unbalanced jack wired tip high,ring and sleve ground) to a quad 520f power amp (balanced XLR wired pins 1 chassis 2 hot 3 cold)

Now i'm not sure what that all means coz none of the terms used tie up with each other. I can make out the bits on the xlr as they are numberd but the jack is a bit more tricky.

I have bought some vann damm mic cabel the xlrs but do i buy mono or stereo jacks.

Its the terminolagy that confuses me what bit is what and were do i wire the red one too

sorry for rambleing and asking questions that are so basic.

Many thanks