Toslink - Going fully optical with a miniDSP unit?


2017-08-05 12:57 am
I have a miniDSP DDRC-24 unit that has Toslink, USB and RCA
Analog inputs on it on it it also has a remote to control the volume.
My CD Player/FM tuner as well as my Bluetooth receiver
have Toslink and RCA Analog outputs on them.

With that in mind it probably makes sense to just use Toslink with a
Toslink switch to select between the units. Especially since I no longer
need my pre-amp since I can control the volume via the miniDSP.

Note: if I add a turntable in the future I can use the Analog inputs
on the miniDSP (I may need a phono preamp as well).

Is there any reason why I would want to Not use Toslink over the RCA inputs?

Thank you.