Toshiba TA8227P

Yesterday i was assembling my computer & i found out that the input wire(3.5mm jack) of my old speakers is damaged. Since i'm not a fan of class-d amps used in new generation pc speakers, i decided to refurbish the whole thing. Along with the input wire i changed all electrolytics because i wanted it to sound like new. It has venerable ST 4558C for preamplification, Toshiba TA8227P chip as power amplifier & two Samsung made shielded 3W 4R loudspeaker. Although the spec is poor but i must say this old chip sounds fantastic on both headphone & loudspeaker. I can turn the volume knob upto 80% without annoyance probably because it has unique soft clipping feature which is really good!

20230731_230239.jpg 20230731_004615.jpg