Toshiba monolithic dual transistors: SA1349/SC3381

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Thought it might be more appropriate to re-post here (as compared to the Solid State New Law thread). Please don't go and buy all the stock from Reichelt before I have my go:)

Found SA1349/SC3381 in Borbely article. Seem to be 80 V monolithic dual transistors with reasonable C_cb (4.2 for the SA, nothing quoted in Tower's for the SC, neither is f_T). Are still available from Reichelt at less than a € each. Unfortunately, no data sheet and SPICE models at Toshiba or the web.



You guys are trying to get not to read this forum anymore aren't

As has been posted MANY times, Libraries/Library for Capture/PSPICE/


.model Q2sa1349 PNP(Is=11.12p Xti=3 Eg=1.11 Vaf=73.64 Bf=465.8 Ise=11.18p
+ Ne=14.46 Ikf=.3195 Nk=1.163 Xtb=1.5 Var=100 Br=1.388K
+ Isc=11.12p Nc=1.038 Ikr=44.24 Rc=29.73 Cjc=11.79p Mjc=.3037
+ Vjc=.3905 Fc=.5 Cje=5p Mje=.3333 Vje=.75 Tr=10n Tf=1n Itf=1
+ Xtf=0 Vtf=10)

.model Q2sa1162 PNP(Is=2.04f Xti=3 Eg=1.11 Vaf=100 Bf=183 Ise=2.14f Ne=1.465
+ Ikf=1.5 Nk=1.319 Xtb=1.5 Var=100 Br=10.97 Isc=2.619f Nc=1.707
+ Ikr=26.37m Rc=.5 Cjc=9.716p Mjc=.3333 Vjc=.75 Fc=.5 Cje=5p
+ Mje=.3333 Vje=.75 Tr=10n Tf=452.4p Itf=5 Xtf=0 Vtf=10)

.model q2sc2712 NPN(Is=639.5E-18 Xti=3 Eg=1.11 Vaf=172.5 Bf=151.1 Ise=3.827f
+ Ne=1.607 Ikf=.9977 Nk=.7224 Xtb=1.5 Var=100 Br=8.525 Isc=2.567f
+ Nc=1.141 Ikr=30.27 Rc=.815 Cjc=4.858p Mjc=.3333 Vjc=.75 Fc=.5
+ Cje=5p Mje=.3333 Vje=.75 Tr=10n Tf=314.2p Itf=9.945 Xtf=0
+ Vtf=10)

.model Q2sc3381 NPN(Is=21.11f Xti=3 Eg=1.11 Vaf=391.3 Bf=388.5 Ise=21.11f
+ Ne=1.47 Ikf=.8246 Nk=1.723 Xtb=1.5 Var=100 Br=2.888 Isc=56.39p
+ Nc=1.799 Ikr=8.483m Rc=79.65m Cjc=7.819p Mjc=.2251 Vjc=.3905
+ Fc=.5 Cje=5p Mje=.3333 Vje=.75 Tr=10n Tf=1n Itf=1 Xtf=0 Vtf=10)

If I were moderator I would ban you for a week. If you had asked how big a heat sink to use with....... I would have banned you forever. USE THE SEARCH ENGINE ON THE FORUM PEOPLE! PLEASE!!!

"official" models

Now I know why Jocko calls you by the funny name...

I did do a worldwide search for A1349/C3381. Tells you something about the quality of the search engine if it is not able to find a string in a text file...

But, being a frequent reader of your posts, I tried your link before posting. The header of the file reads:
* Library of Japanese Bipolar Transistor Models

* Copyright OrCAD, Inc. 1998 All Rights Reserved.

* $Revision: 1.8 $
* $Author: rperez $
* $Date: 17 Nov 1998 10:47:02 $
* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
* The parameters in this model library were derived from the data sheets for
* each part. Each part was characterized using the Parts option.
* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Good news: whoever did the modelling had the data sheets.

Bad news: This is not the official model endorsed by the manufacturer (if there is any). This model was apperently synthesized by trying to duplicate the typical behavior in the data sheets. Knowing other Toshiba small signal transistor data sheets, not much information about dynamic behavior is given.
Maybe I should have stated more clearly that I was looking for official models.


I am sorry that the models were not use useful for you. It appears
that you are up Spice creek without a paddle. Maybe someone else can help.... perhaps Sonny. I am so sorry as not to be able to get you what you needed. By the way, the official name is Jocko and what funny name does he call me?

Dual transistors

All the SA1349/SC3381 I have on hand. I am hoping to put my finger on some more.


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I did not check whats was posted before replying to the "New Law" thread... Sorry!!

For the Spice model..

I have not been able to find any other on Toshiba :( than the one Harry shows.

Toshiba does not supply many on their homepage. Sadly.
This is what i can come up with :
And is not what you are looking for!

I am still looking for them..

I have a link more with links to spice models.

But maybe try Philips in the future.. They got more and more Japanese parts.

So how's your Japanese???

Hope these help...


Please see attached zip file...


PS - Why it's necessary to take a PDF and zip it so save to this board is beyond me! Also am being forced to save each one individually due to file size.... AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!

Anyway, enjoy!


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