Toshiba going to EOL everything we use, seems like leaving audio market


2008-11-29 7:12 am
In the pass few year they discontinued:
All ZIP-7 package device: 2SJ109 / 2SK389
Most P-JFET: eg 2SJ74
Power MOSFET: 2SJ200 (with 2SK1529 EOL announced), 2SJ201/2SK1530 (Toshiba had EOL schedule for 2SJ201 released too)

When I just Check, I found
2sJ103, EOL announced
All TO-92 through hole JFETS (including 2SK170 etc), NRND (not recommended for new design)
K3497/J618, NRND (Shocking, as this is considered a new FET)

Can someone please tell me, in a year or two's time, will there be still anything from Toshiba that is of our interest?

On the other side, Renesas is still making their decades old 2SK1058/2SJ162.