Toshiba 42PW33Q Lenses

HI Peeps

This is gonna be a rather odd request, but i just picked up a Toshiba 42PW33Q off the sister in law who has had this set for a couple of years, we went over and had a quick look - got to see all 3 colours and thought we would bring it back despite being a rather fuzzy picture ( i was thinking dusty or dirty optics)

Got it back pulled off all its covers to discover some very nasty scratches on the top of the optics (god knows how they got there and there is a small panel just to the rear of the optics that is broken in half)

Anyone know of anywhere that i may be able to get replacements and what it would cost - Or - anything that i could use to try and polish out these scratches (I know your all saying you cant do that (or shouldnt) but they are pretty bad so i have nothing to lose)......

Regards (and Happy New Year)