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Toshiba 2SJ109BL

I have few genuine 2SJ109BL for sale. 18$ per piece . I bought them for J2 amp and guess have more than what I need. These dual Jfet offer better than Idss matching.
For J2 ,matching need to be only within 1 ma( according to papa) being in same wafer offers defenite advantage over buying j74 devices( thermal tracking etc).
I know it is expensive but not much than buying a pair of matched j74. Most available J74 in market are matched anyway only for Idss.
There will be PayPal fee and shipping charges in addition to price.
Let me know via pM your interest. Will take 1-2 weeks before shipping as I am out on a trip.
If you are from outside US, I will ask for an email stating that I am not responsible for lost packets and other issues on your end. I have no control on items once they leave US. I prefer you pay for shipping with tracking number. If you don't want to,please state that in your email. I can give you the bill from post office and custom forms as proof of shipping.
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Reserved the remaining( other than I promised already through PM) has been reserved for ticknpop for next 2 week pending payment.
Others who offered to buy don't have to worry, I got you all covered.
I have not send invoices to anyone yet as I am still traveling .
Likely end of next week you can expect invoices and shipments in the next two weeks.
Sorry for the delay.